Monday, January 21, 2008

6 Tips to Improve Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the most important part of your business. It's essential to get repeat customers, the backbone of most businesses. And unsatisfied customers are always fast to spread their unhappiness. So here are a few tips about customer service:

1. Be polite and use appropriate style.
This is a must. Your clients will respect you a lot more if you act and sound professional. And many people will take offense at being addressed too familiarly.

2. The customer is always right.
That is an old saying, but always true. The problem or blame may be on the customer's side, but you should never tell this outright. If it's a problem on his side, just tell him the steps to fix it and be understanding. And, if the problem is on your side, do not be afraid to say sorry and explain the problem if the situation warrants it.

3. Offer a refund if the problem is too serious.
Some customers will not dare to ask for a refund, even if it's appropriate given the situation. Tell them yourself that you will refund them if they wish to, even if you have a clear guaranty displayed on your site.

4. Be willing to go the extra mile.
It's the little things that count. When you can do more than asked do not be afraid to, your customers will love you for it. For example, you can use pictures, screenshots or samples to answer a question instead of simply describing with words, or send a handwritten thank you note with your physical products.

5. Make your customer feel comfortable asking questions.
Answer all questions you receive promptly and politely. The fact that they may not be taking part in your latest promotion or buying your latest product doesn't make their question is less important. It may be less profitable for you, but your customer could not care less about these things. Who know, they could be planning a big purchase, or would have if they had been treated well.

6. Always follow-up if you expect a problem.
You do not need to follow your customers every step of the way. But if you notice a problem, or just answered a particularly complicated request, it's best to make sure everything is resolved before you move on. Make it easy to contact you if there is still something wrong.

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